It is often the case that parents feel confused about how to best parent their child, especially teenagers, as they transition from one developmental stage to the next. The Roots Model includes opportunities to connect with parents through culturally-relevant parent support groups that meet in the evenings one to two times per month for approximately two hours per session. These groups provide a supportive environment where parents can learn about their child’s development, as well as about parenting strategies that will allow them to build a healthy relationship with their child and support them in living a successful and happy life.

The groups are facilitated by the Roots Program Coordinator who is a masters level trained mental health therapist. The focus of these groups is largely determined by the needs and interests of the parents and includes topics, such as:

  • Encouraging Communication with Your Child
  • Understanding the Impact of Bullying
  • Helping Your Child Handle Peer Pressure
  • Managing the Dynamics of a Blended Family
  • Dealing with Challenging Behavior Problems
  • Responding to an Angry or Depressed Child
  • Establishing Discipline, Rules and Responsibilities
Schools, who have received Family Literacy funds through their after school grant, can use their funding to provide support services for the parents of students participating in the site’s after school program.

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Parent Support Groups

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