Participating school sites receive annual outcome reports that demonstrate the progress of students participating in the Roots Program. We use an evidence-based assessment tool, as well as student data, including grades, attendance and discipline records to evaluate student progress. Expected outcomes include the following:

  • Improved Academic Performance.
    • Increase in GPA, overall attendance, standardized test scores, and credits earned.
    • Improved connection with school, including peers, teachers, counselors, etc.
  • Improved Behavioral Health.
    • Increase in personal control.
    • Decrease in disciplinary problems and student/teacher conflicts.
    • Decrease in substance use and related problems.
    • Decrease in violence, including gang involvement and related activities.
  • Improved Emotional Health
    • Decreased symptoms of anger, depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety and other mental health disorders.
    • Increase of healthy coping skills for managing stressful conditions and making positive decisions.
    • Improved connection with family systems.

Enrichment Activities

Parent Support Groups

Expected Outcomes

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