As part of the Roots Model, we infuse our program with enrichment activities that expose youth to unique experiences that support their growth and strengthen their sense of connection to the school community. The following are some of our most recent activities:

  • Artistic Development
    • We believe strongly that everyone should have an outlet for creative expression. Some of our artistic development activities include:
      • Spoken Word Workshops

      • Urban Art Project
      • Breakdancing Class
  • Musical Expansion
    • Students are highly influenced by the music they listen to everyday. We create opportunities to expose students to musicians who are positive role models with encouraging messages.
      • Youth Forums

      • School Concert Tours
      • Beat Production
      • DJ-ing Class
  • Adventurous Outings
    • Some of our students have not had the opportunity to experience the wonders of some of our state’s great cities and beautiful outdoor areas. We take students places that expose them to adventures, such as:
      • Hiking Trips
      • Field Trips
        • San Francisco Giants Game
        • Monterrey Bay Aquarium
        • Break! (Dance Performance) at Saroyan Theatre
  • Leadership Training
    • Youth have so much energy and desire to contribute to the well-being of our communities. They want to learn how to help others and become strong leaders. We give students opportunities to participate in workshops and projects that that support the growth of their leadership skills.
      • Training
      • Roots Conference
      • Student Panels for Professional Workshops
      • Service Learning Projects

Enrichment Activities

Parent Support Groups

Expected Outcomes

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